Are you prepared for lockdown take two?

Nov 2, 2020 | IT Support, Microsoft 365, Modern Working

working from home

As we face another call from the government for us to all work from home, are you facing up to the prospect of asking staff to take home computers and painful calls to your telephone providers to place diverts on company business lines?

At Imtex we have been working with companies for a long time before the Coronavirus pandemic hit, migrating businesses of all sizes to cloud based systems such as Office 365 and cloud based phone systems.

Onsite servers and systems are still a huge requirement for some businesses but with the workplace evolving at an alarming rate and our working requirements changing, solutions such as Office 365 with cloud hosted email and cloud hosted file storage for both individuals and teams are now a requirement not an option. The Microsoft Teams app has widely become the central part of many businesses and we can help you transition to teams with minimal impact.

The growing reliance on the ability to work from anywhere is at the forefront of our thoughts and we are able to help you make these changes. The security aspect of these solutions is also in many ways better than most onsite solutions, so you should think of this as an required upgrade rather than a forced change.

Our cloud based phone systems are providing our clients with the flexability to work from anywhere. Being able to use the desktop app from a laptop, the app on a mobile phone or taking your internet connected phone home and plugging it into your home internet are the ways our clients are dealing with not being able to work from the office but still being able to work as normal.

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